AGBR Encoder: the Variable Rate Application Sensor that combines Durability and Efficiency in Precision Agriculture applications

AGBR Encoder: the Variable Rate Application Sensor that combines Durability and Efficiency in Precision Agriculture applications

Precision Agriculture is the term to define the use of advanced technology to measure and control with high efficiency agricultural automation processes. Dynapar has followed the evolution of this Industry in recent years and developed the AGBR Encoder, a Variable Rate Application (VRA) Sensor that addresses all the robustness needs in the field.

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The AGBR Encoder is the variable rate sensor that addresses all the robustness needs in the field.

Every Producer using Precision Agriculture equipment in seeders, sprayers, harvesters and other agricultural implements aims to improve crop management, reduce the use of contaminants and optimize the use of agricultural inputs. These advances translate into costs reduction for the Producer, increased productivity and lower environmental impacts.

Technology with growth potential

According to the 2019 estimate of the Brazilian Precision Agriculture Commission (CBAP), the use of Precision Agriculture increases productivity by up to 12% in the field. According to CBAP estimates, only 30% of Brazil’s rural producers use precision agriculture in full, indicating that there is much room for expansion of new technologies.

To enable Agricultural Technology Integrators and Developers to offer the Agribusiness industry solutions with high durability and efficiency, Dynapar has used its experience of more than 60 years in the development of robust precision sensors (incremental and absolute encoders) to create the AGBR Encoder: the variable rate sensor for speed, rotation or position measurement that meets all the required durability requirements in the field.

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How AGBR contributes to Precision Agriculture

Variable Rate Application Sensor (VRA) AGBR Encoder uses unique magnetic technology to provide high-precision feedback in agricultural systems, contributing to ensure uniform distribution of seeds, fertilizers or any other agricultural input by generating a precise signal in variable rate applications, the most important characteristic in Precision Agriculture. AGBR Encoder offers reliable information to the most modern agricultural automation systems, reducing and even eliminating errors, allowing a perfect calibration, which generates savings and increase productivity for the Rural Producer.

The high durability and robustness never before seen and offered to users are also features that stand out in the AGBR Encoder. Each detail of the sensor was studied and worked by Dynapar’s Brazilian Engineering to ensure that the product actually met the needs of the local Producer.

Features like engineering polymer body with additives and encapsulated electronics with exclusive resin make AGBR Encoder a unique solution

AGBR’s Innovative features

Various details make the Variable Rate Application Sensor AGBR a single product, we summarize the following as the main ones:

– Body and base entirely in engineering polymer with unique additions: resistance to sun exposure and corrosion by fertilizers (including NPK); – Mechanics without bearings: special self-lubricating bushings for agricultural equipment avoids blockages caused by exposure to dust;
– Fully sealed: electronics encapsulated by exclusive resin prevents corrosion by agricultural inputs or environmental factors;
– High compatibility – resolution and standard connections: natively available with 360 PPR (others available on request) and with the top automotive connectors on the market.
The unique features as agricultural sensor of the Encoder AGBR, combined with Dynapar’s recognized expertise in providing incremental and absolute encoders, make it a pioneering product that ensures its users increased productivity and respect for the environment by combining efficiency and cost savings.


About Dynapar

Dynapar is one of the brands of Specialty Product Technologies, operating company of the Fortive Group, which also includes Hengstler, Gems Sensors & Controls, Veeder-Root, West Control Solutions, among others. It has factories in Brazil, the United States and Germany.

It counts on local technical assistance and 1 year warranty for all products. Currently offers the most complete line of encoders on the market: incremental, absolute, sinusoidal, heavy-duty. Experience, versatility and competence to meet your need for accuracy and performance.

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